Atherton Tableland Spotlighting

An evening tour which takes you up onto the Tablelands. We visit private land with restricted access and walk through the forest looking for some of the unique endemic fauna of this region

Daintree Cruise and Mt. Lewis

An early start allows us to join the early morning famous Daintree River bird cruise where Great-billed Herons, a variety of kingfishers and Black Bitterns can be amongst the stars. After breakfast we visit the Mt Lewis massif which towers over the surrounding area. With a variety of different altitudinal height bands this is one of Far North Queensland's birding hotspots.

Cairns Half Day Birdwatching Tour

Cairns and its immediate hinterland offers a number of great birding sites. Whilst the most famous is undoubtedly the Esplanade with its flocks of shorebirds on the mudflats, mangrove species at the northern end plus parrots and honeyeaters amongst the species in the park, there are a number of other sites also worth visiting both within the city and in the surrounding suburbs. 

Lunch with Platypus

A short (1/2 day) tour with an early start takes you up onto the Tablelands where after a short early morning nature walk you can have breakfast while watching these iconic animals in their natural habitat. At certain times of the year this is better done as Lunch with Platypus as they are not particularly active in the early morning at this site.

Southern Tablelands Birdwatching Tour

Full day birding tour that includes lunch. Visit a variety of habitats around the scenic tableland including old growth rainforest, woodland, crater lakes, wetlands and grassland. Search for local endemics such as Golden Bowerbird, Chowchilla and Fernwren.

Northern Tablelands Birdwatching Tour

Full day birding tour that includes lunch and morning tea. We visit a variety of habitats starting in the rainforest around Cassowary House where the full range of low to mid level rainforest birds can be seen and a few surprising high level ones as well. Victoria's Riflebirds  and Cassowaries are amongst the regular visitors here.  Moving inland we visit the drier country around Mareeba  and the north  where a completely different avifauna can be found. 

Tablelands Wildlife Tour

Full day tour that includes lunch. We visit a variety of habitats around the Cairns/Tablelands area looking at a the whole range of local wildlife from butterflies to birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and frogs. For those who don't want such an early start this tour can be modified for specific interests.

Guided Morning Walk

Early morning guided bird and wildlife walks around Cassowary House & Black Mountain Road area*.

*Subject to guide availability

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